The Best Ways to Make World of Warcraft Gold

One of the less well advertised aspects of World of Warcraft is its robust and interesting economy. Gold, the primary currency of the game, is earned through a variety of actions including completing quests and slaying monsters.

But the real heart of the economy lies in the Auction House, a place where players buy and sell in-game items for in-game currency. Getting the best items requires a great deal of time investment for most, but there are great ways to get World of Warcraft gold without spending countless hours killing monsters. These three tips will allow anyone to amass a small fortune in the game.

Harvest, Harvest, Harvest

The three harvesting professions – skinning, herbalism, and mining – are absolute gold mines in the game. Because many players tend not to take the time to gather their own materials, one can actually make a small career of being a raw material provider for other players. Even for those who dislike playing the Auction House, these materials can still fetch a good price at the trash vendors stationed throughout the game. Of course, to really make the most out of this enterprise, one must…

Buy Low, Sell Medium

Think of the Auction House as the stock market. Not every purchase made there is because one actually wants the item. If you see an item for sale at a ridiculously low price, snatch it up and resell it higher. One never wants to have the highest price on the list, though – so do not get greedy. World of Warcraft gold is easy to make, but not so easy that most will not look for a good deal. Try to price your wares somewhere between the lowest price and the middle, and Buy wow gold you will find that goods (especially raw materials) will sell quite quickly.


Until you get exactly what you want, make sure to save your gold. Do not spend it on vanity pets, cosmetic items, or even crafting until you have gotten that one item you so desperately wanted. The economy in the game is much like that in real life, and World of Warcraft gold is easy to spend on things you do not really need. Try to keep a goal in mind and ignore the rest until you have built up quite a lot of savings.

Playing the market, harvesting, and ignoring frivolous purchases can help any World of Warcraft player accumulate more gold than others. Once you have reached your goal – congratulations! Buy that motorcycle or epic dragon mount you’ve been saving for. You can always replenish your supplies by continuing to follow the same three steps.


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