Pureit Copper Eco Ro Water Air Purifier Photos, Photographs And Wallpapers

With intelligent Copper Auto Cleaning, the old residue of copper is auto-cleaned offering a contemporary batch every day.
You get 100 percent secure ingesting water with no bacteria, virus or metallic residue.
With pureit water purifier copper of RO+UV purification process, get purified water in each drop.
With the large 8-litres capacity, you never run out of water.
The 100 percent bottle-free zone makes filling water hassle-free in Pureit Pureit Copper Eco Mineral+RO+UV Electrical Water Purifier.
Provide your family with safe and pure drinking water with the Pureit Copper+ RO Water Purifier.

Key Options

The product can be returned for full refund inside 10 days of the delivery in case of any product defects or damage or features not matching the outline provided.
No warranty on depletion of filter cartridges on utilization or consumption.
Warranty on Philips UV Tube only limited to as offered by Philips India Ltd.

An antiscalent cartridge is also contained in the filter equipment for bettering the life of the RO Membrane.
The Fourth part in the filter equipment is Philips/Osram UV Lamp of 6 inch 4 watt capability for fitment contained in the UV Chamber inside Pureit Water air purifier.
I have nice experience and haven’t any complaint..

Pureit Copper⁺ro Water Air Purifier

In our evaluate, we’ve lined every facet and feature of the product to reply all your queries.
After the success of their copper RO purifiers, Pureit has now launched a Copper UV purifier for properties with municipal faucet connections.
It is beneficial for the stored water to be consumed inside 2 days.
Water stored for over 2 days should ideally be discarded.
It is not really helpful to use rejected water for any sort of consumption .
It can probably be used for gardening or oor cleaning.

Product Dimensions (open)

A technician will visit your home to replace it, at a nominal cost.
Close the ball valve earlier than opening SF housing for cleaning.
Do not plug or unplug the facility twine with wet hands to avoid any untoward accident due to electrical shock or re.

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