Is it better to play poker with an automatic shuffler or a hand shuffle?

If I was given the option of playing at a casino that has an automatic shuffler, it would be a simple decision for me. The one with an automatic shuffler is the one I will choose every time. Las Vegas’ WSOP is the exception. During the WSOP, there are hundreds of tables at the Rio at once. It’s not economically feasible to have a shuffler at all of these tables. The dealer doing the shuffling is a faster way to play than the automatic shuffler.
Cash Games or Tournies
The automatic shuffler is available in most Las Vegas casinos. The machine is a long-term investment that pays off for the casino. The bottom line is that the more hands dealt, the more rake will be dropped. This is how the casino makes its money. Many times, I have noticed that the dealers don’t use their machines when they host tournaments at certain casinos. Caesar’s Palace, for instance, has dealers who do all the shuffling, even though the machine is used for cash games. For their tournaments, the Venetian uses an automatic shuffler. This alone is why many players choose to play in Venetian tournaments instead of Caesars. The automatic shuffler is quicker, more efficient, and leaves no doubt that the cards have been correctly shuffled.
Hands per Hour with Automatic Shuffler vs. Live Dealer
Most people who ask around will tell you that live dealers deal between 20-25 hands an hour. The faster dealers may be able to deal up to 30 hands per hour. Automatic shufflers can handle 35 hands an hour. Although it may seem like a lot, if you play 8-10 sessions that can add up quickly over the course of a whole week or even a single month.
Integrity in the Game
While you don’t have to worry as much about it on the Strip in Vegas, I am not sure if you should be concerned in smaller casinos throughout the country. When money is involved, there will be errors and dishonesty. The computer-controlled, automated shufflers of today are programmed to randomly shuffle the cards. They don’t know if their friends or regulars will tip them more if they win big. These temptations are available to live dealers every day. If they wanted to, a live dealer could manipulate the shuffle to favor certain players. It happens at certain locations, I’m sure. The machine isn’t distracted. The machine always shuffles cards in the same manner. The automatic shuffler will not stop a cheater, although I admit it. It makes it even more difficult.
Home Games
You used to have to pay a lot of money to get one of these machines for your table. Because the technology is so valuable, the maker won’t sell it to you. They would be leased to casinos only. He realized he could make more that way. One entrepreneur decided to create his own version in 2008 and it cost less than $500. has more information about the invention Shuffler Home Games
In Summary
The automatic shuffler offers two major advantages to the player when they play poker. The first is that the game runs much faster, so you can see more hands and hopefully win more money. 온라인 홀덤 is that an automatic shuffler does better at shuffling cards than a live dealer, making them more random. The theory is that the more hands you deal, the more tips you can make. This is your main income.

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